Galilee Ecological Education Park

Galilee Ecological Education Park
Built in Yujing, Tainan in 1987, this park is a prayer mountain for the development of Christian spirituality. After the August 8th flood, in cooperation with the Forestry Bureau, the Yujing Driftwood Church was built, which has become a well-known landscape in Yujing District, Tainan.

Walking into the park, we can see the wide green grass, and feel its sacred and tranquil atmosphere. It makes us feel peace right away. The park covers an area of ​​about 20 square meters, located on the top of the hill, including chapel and meditation rooms and dormitory.

The Galilee Mission Center has complete facilities, including seminar rooms, yoga rooms, and trails around the center. The three-store domitory includes 40 single, double, triple or four-person suites. No matter which types of the room, all has its own bath room and will be used as single room. It is very suitable for use as a meditation retreat.





Facts about Galilee Ecological Education Park

  • 台南市玉井區
  • Taiwan
  • 有關自行開車疑問可電加利利行政電話: +886 6 574 3941 有關雅肯秋令營事務則請與志工們聯繫。
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Address: 83-1 Yujing District, Tainan TEL: +886 6 574 3941 More detail information about the retreat, please contact Joy Lu, email: or with Messager (her Facebook:

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